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Samoyed dog
Samoyed dog

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Samoyed Breed Information

The Samoyed breed is a proud and beautiful one that originates in Russia’s frigid Siberian province. These dogs are thickly covered in a white or cream double coat and stand 48 to 60 centimetres high. They weigh between 16 and 30 kilograms, with females tending to be smaller than males. Lovingly called Sammies, the Samoyed was bred to work in wintry weather and make very loyal family dogs so long as they get plenty of time to run and play outside.

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Breed Fast Facts

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50 - 60 lbs

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Life span

12 to 14 years

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What Is the History of the Samoyed?

The Samoyed originated in the Siberian region of Russia. This dog breed was developed by the Samoyedic people thousands of years ago to herd deer, hunt, provide camp protection, and sled food and goods across snowy terrain. In the late 19th century, the breed was brought to Europe, and eventually to North America, where the American Kennel Club recognized the Samoyed as a breed in 1906. These dogs have since become popular, fluffy companions for families of all kinds.

Are Samoyeds Good Family Pets?

Samoyeds are great family pets given their playful and affectionate temperament, which can get along well with all members of the household, including children and pets. This breed is also very intelligent, making it trainable from an early age for good behavior. However, Samoyeds are not lazy dogs that enjoy spending their days napping on the couch. Their history as sled dogs means that they have high levels of energy and require frequent physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy. This is something to consider as you bring home a Samoyed pup.

Are Samoyeds Hypoallergenic?

Samoyeds are generally considered hypoallergenic. Their fluffy white coats are dry and produce less dander than that of most dogs. They also drool minimally, which is another behavior that can cause allergies. That said, this breed’s long fur does shed a fair bit, and especially extensively in the fall and the spring. So while your Samoyed pup may be a fit for an allergic family member, he or she may require ongoing grooming to be well-maintained.

How Energetic Are Samoyeds?

Samoyeds were originally bred to be working dogs, and so require extensive physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy. This energetic breed loves to run, play, and exercise, and especially enjoys time outdoors and in nature. Given their energy levels, Samoyeds are not an ideal fit for apartments or small living spaces. If they do not get enough exercise, they can become restless or even destructive. If you do live in a smaller space with your Samoyed, you should take your pup outside frequently for activity. Ideally, your Samoyed is raised in a home with a backyard or outdoor space.

Are Samoyeds Good Dogs for Beginners?

Samoyeds are not an ideal breed for novice dog owners. This is for two reasons. First, Samoyeds are very energetic and require frequent exercise. If not exercised frequently, they can become bored and develop destructive behaviors. Second, Samoyeds have a thick coat that sheds frequently, and requires ongoing brushing and grooming. This means that a Samoyed owner should be ready to dedicate the time and resources for exercise and grooming. However, Samoyeds are clever dogs, which makes them easier to train to be well-behaved. If you're a novice owner considering adopting a Samoyed, it's important to be prepared to give your pet the care and attention it needs.

How Much Do Samoyed Puppies Cost?

The cost of a Samoyed puppy can range between $1,200 and $3,000. This price varies depending on the breeder’s experience, the puppy’s age, health guarantees, and the puppy’s pedigree. The price range for puppies with show-quality pedigrees can be significantly higher. As you bring home a new puppy, keep in mind that dogs have ongoing costs including food, veterinary care, and supplies. And so your budgeted expenses should take these costs into account.

Where Can I Adopt a Samoyed?

Local animal shelters can have a variety of dogs available from different breeds. This can include Samoyeds. We recommend starting your search at your local shelter, but if you are unable to find a Samoyed there, consider expanding your search to a Samoyed-specific rescue. For a list of such rescues, you can consult the Samoyed Club of America’s list of rescue groups. You can also look for Samoyed rescue groups in your city or state. Two examples of city-focused Samoyed rescues are theSt. Louis Samoyed Rescue and the San Francisco Samoyed Rescue.Similarly, many states have state-level rescues which you can browse for available dogs (e.g., the Samoyed Rescue of Texas). Once you find the right match, the adoption agency will kick off a vetting process to assess your readiness for bringing home a Samoyed.

How Do I Find a Reputable Samoyed Breeder?

The first step to finding a healthy and well-tempered Samoyed puppy is identifying a responsible breeder. Below are some steps to help you find the right breeder:

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who have purchased from a responsible Samoyed breeder.
  2. Contact national Samoyed organizations like the American Samoyed Association or the Samoyed Club of America for breeder recommendations.
  3. Check with our team at Mawoo Pets for available Samoyed puppies from vetted Samoyed breeders.
  4. Once you identify a potential breeder, schedule a site visit to view their breeding facility and breeding parents in person.
  5. Ask the breeder about their health and socialization practices, their breeding dogs’ medical clearances, and any health guarantees.
  6. Good breeders are keen to answer your questions and show expertise of their breed.

If you need help finding the right breeder, or coordinating travel of your puppy home, our team at Mawoo Pets can help you. You can reach our team via text, call, or email daily for assistance.

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