Refund & Cancellation Policy

Effective as of 6/20/2022

Welcome to the Mawoo Pets Website (the “Website”), operated by Mawoo Pets Ltd. and Mawoo Pets LLC (collectively, “Mawoo Pets”, “we”, “our” and “us”).

These terms govern all payments made by customers (“Customers”, “you”) that buy any product or service (collectively, “Products”) on our Website, whether directly from Mawoo Pets, or from one of our breeders (“Breeders”) who sell puppies on our Website.


To purchase a puppy on our Website, a Customer must first make a deposit payment for that puppy. This payment secures the puppy exclusively for that Customer, making the puppy no longer available for purchase by any other Customer. As such, all deposit payments on Mawoo Pets are final and non-refundable.

All remaining payments, including for transportation fees to deliver the puppy from the Breeder to the Customer, must be made prior to the puppy’s departure from the Breeder’s place of residence. For Customers making this payment on our Website, all outstanding payments for the puppy must be paid by 1 business day before the puppy’s scheduled date of departure from the Breeder’s place of residence. Remaining payments are final and non-refundable.

Customers who have arranged to make remaining payments directly to the breeder in cash can make such payments upon pickup of the puppy from the Breeder. In all cases, complete remaining payment must be received by Mawoo Pets or the Breeder before the puppy can leave the Breeder’s place of residence.

In the event that a customer does not make complete remaining payment for the puppy by the required payment time, including for all associated transport fees, Mawoo Pets reserves the right to cancel the Customer’s purchase and process no refund for all payments made previously by the Customer for that puppy.

If your chosen puppy is unavailable or unfit for sale, you may request a complete refund, including for all deposit and remaining payments, or to select a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value from our Website. A replacement puppy must be selected within 30 days of the date of notification of the original puppy’s unavailability. If no selection is made by such time, a refund of all deposit and remaining payments will be issued to the customer.

The customer is responsible for receiving the puppy at the pre-determined date and time for pickup from the Breeder or commercial transporter. If the Customer is not able to pick up or receive the puppy at such time, the Customer forfeits their purchase, and the puppy may be returned to the breeder, without issuance of any refunds (for deposit or remaining payments) to the customer.


The Customer is responsible for all costs to transport the puppy from the Breeder’s place of residence to the Customer. No puppy on our Website will depart the Breeder’s place of residence before reaching 8 (eight) weeks of age and 2 (two) pounds of weight. Breeders reserve the right to wait until 10 weeks of age before releasing the puppy to the Customer, whether for pickup or transportation.

Mawoo Pets waives all liability associated with the safety of the puppy while in commercial transit to the Customer’s place of residence, including any and all incurred injuries as a result of transportation accidents.


Mawoo Pets certifies that your puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and is in good health at the time of leaving the Breeder’s place of residence. A Health Record is provided for each puppy purchased on Mawoo Pets, which shows vaccinations, deworming, medications, etc. received by the puppy while in the Breeder’s care.

You must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of receiving the puppy. Any health warranty, whether provided by the Breeder’s Health Guarantee, or otherwise by Mawoo Pets, is void if the Customer fails to have a veterinary inspection performed.

If any issues are identified during this veterinary inspection, the Customer must share written evidence of the veterinarian’s findings within 1 business day with Mawoo Pets. At such a time, the Customer is eligible for monetary refunds for veterinary expenses up to the purchase price of the puppy, or can instead request a replacement puppy from Mawoo Pets.
Some puppies on Mawoo Pets are additionally covered by a Health Guarantee provided by the Breeder. This Health Guarantee is disclosed to the Customer at the time of purchase, and can be viewed on the puppy’s public profile on Mawoo Pets. The terms of the Health Guarantee vary by Breeder, and the Customer must review these terms to determine if their puppy is eligible for any additional coverage. To be eligible for participating in a Health Guarantee, the Customer must provide evidence of veterinary inspection within 3 business days of receiving the puppy. In the absence of such evidence, the Customer forfeits the right to any monetary refunds, even if the puppy’s health issues are otherwise covered by the Health Guarantee.

No guarantees are provided by Mawoo Pets regarding the puppy’s eventual size, color, or temperament. Additionally, Mawoo Pets will not accept any returns of the puppy for monetary refund for reasons unrelated to the puppy’s health, such as allergies, landlord/tenant restrictions, marital issues, puppy adjustment problems or any other such reasons.

In the event the Customer is unable or unwilling to care for the puppy at any time during the puppy's life, the Customer agrees to contact Mawoo Pets for assistance on the puppy’s rehoming. If the Customer must return the puppy for any reason, this return will not be subject to any refund or credits for the Customer, and the Customer will be responsible for all travel-related costs to deliver the puppy to his/her new home.

Mawoo Pets is a registered entity in USA and Canada.

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