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Frequently asked questions

How does Mawoo Pets help me?
We provide reputable breeders access to more customers. You can chat with new customers, schedule visits to your kennel, or a video conference with customers (for these socially distanced times).
Do you have any fees for breeders?
No. We charge no fees to breeders. Our platform aims to provide reputable breeders greater visibility and customer connections. We want to provide this free of charge to breeders.

A 15% fee is charged to customers for the services we provide them: helping them find breeders in their area, facilitating connection with these breeders, automating electronic paperwork management for the puppies they purchase (vaccinations, vet checks, etc.), providing secure transactions with guarantees, etc.
How do I sign up?
You can apply here to join our community. We will schedule a time within 24 hours to discuss your application.
Do customers fill out an application for our puppies?
Yes. Customers fill out an application for every puppy they apply to. This application includes a standard set of questions designed by us, and can be augmented with your custom list of questions.
How do I upload my dogs onto the platform?
Our breeder dashboard features a Pet Manager section, which allows you to upload your pets, including: breeds, size, images, descriptions, the parent profiles, etc. The upload process for images is made easy through our mobile-friendly platform, so you can snap pictures on your phone for an easy upload.
How does a potential client find me? What is the process?
Clients begin by searching for puppies of a breed in their Zip Code area. We showcase them profiles of breeders and their pets that match their needs. Customers can then start a conversation with you via chat, or schedule a site visit or video conversation with you. They can also make the purchase and pay directly to your bank account through our platform.
Is there opportunity to modify the information such as the price after I have created the puppy profile?
Yes, all information can be adjusted on an ongoing basis, including: name, size, weight, color, etc. The only exception is: once you receive an application for a puppy, its price can no longer be modified.
How does a potential client find the Mawoo Pets website? Where are you marketing?
Customers find our website through digital media channels. We sponsor advertisements across search & social media platforms to attract customers seeking to buy a pet -- within both Canada and the US.

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