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French Bulldog dog
French Bulldog dog

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French Bulldog Breed Information

French Bulldogs are small, reasonably independent and clever—all attributes that make them some of the best apartment dogs. Frenchies are also affectionate with their families, and good with kids and other dogs. Easygoing and adaptable, these dogs are a good choice for owners without a lot of experience handling and training pets.

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Breed Fast Facts

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16 - 28 lbs

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Life span

11 to 14 years

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About French Bulldogs

While Bulldogs were originally bred in England, some Toy Bulldogs were moved to France by laborers who immigrated there for work. Over time, the breed's form and structure evolved in France to feature the main characteristics we recognize today: short legs, compact bodies, and upright ears.
French Bulldogs are similar in personality to English Bulldogs; they aren't very vocal—good news for the neighbours—but they do like to charm you with their bright and affectionate personalities. Although they are friendly and enjoy socializing, this breed doesn’t mind the quiet life either. If work keeps you away from home most days, a French Bulldog won't be quivering with anxiety while it waits, like some other breeds! Stocky and barrel-shaped just like other Bulldogs, Frenchies stand just 12 inches high at the shoulder and usually weigh less than 28 pounds. The average life span of a healthy French Bulldog is between 10-14 years.

Grey French Bulldog with tongue out in front of blue tiles.
French Bulldog puppy sleeping on a pillow.

Colours of French Bulldogs for Sale

The French Bulldog can be born with a variety of colours and patterns. The most common colours include fawn, brindle, cream and black. Many Frenchies can be multicolored or have tan points that can be seen in their ears or on their paws. Puppies for sale in more common colours are usually available for less cost, except in cases where their breeding history reaches back to a particularly popular show dog. Merle Frenchies are quite rare and sold at a higher price point because of that rarity. Dogs with merle coats have patches of all sizes in many colours set into a solid background. Merle lilac and merle blue Frenchies are rarest of the breed, with pretty, pale patches set into a white coat. Lilac and blue Frenchies can be tough to tell apart, since they both are greyish in tone. Seen side by side, however, they differ in colour concentration. Blue Frenchies have darker coats when compared to lilac Frenchies. Those with merle patterning have stunning blue eyes to complement their fur.

Health and Care for Frenchies

Caring for French Bulldog puppies isn't quite the same as caring for other types of puppies, since Frenchies have unique needs. Born blind and unable to walk, just like all dogs, Frenchies start to develop their characteristic facial wrinkles right away. Even before they start eating solid food or open their eyes, these puppies need to be carefully groomed to remove bacteria from those iconic folds. Cleaning out those wrinkles becomes more important as a puppy ages and starts getting into wet food, since bits of food are easily trapped between them. Handlers need to be gentle but thorough during the cleaning process. Alcohol-free baby wipes do a good job of cleaning up little Frenchie puppy faces, though a warm soapy washcloth followed by a rinsing cloth also does the trick. It's also important to clean the ears of your French Bulldog puppy, as this should become normal routine for both of you. To avoid future dental problems, which Frenchies are known for, teach your puppy to accept having its teeth cleaned 2-3 times a week. It will be worth the effort! Though well-trained and socialized French Bulldogs are fine spending time at home alone for a few hours, French Bulldog puppies need a lot more attention. They can be stubborn about learning their house manners and should have someone nearby to reinforce good behaviour. Socialization with other dogs and pets is very important during the puppy stage as well, or even the mildest and sweetest puppy could become aggressive or overly shy with potential playmates. The dog's breeder will have begun this process before your puppy arrives home,but like potty training, good manners need daily practice.

Brown Frenchie puppy looking into the distance
White French Bulldog in grass.

Under the care of a good veterinarian, puppies start receiving vaccinations as early as 6 weeks of age. The schedule for all kinds of puppies is the same as long as they are of a healthy weight. Puppies will continue to receive booster jabs throughout their first year of life, then boosters every year as adults. 6 to 8 weeks Vaccinations are recommended to begin for puppies between the ages of 6 to 8 weeks. At that age, veterinarians administer vaccinations for distemper, measles and parainfluenza. Bordetella is an optional addition. Sometimes, vaccination recommendations will vary according to localized health concerns. 9 weeks At 9 weeks of age, puppies receive their booster shots for distemper and parainfluenza, plus primary vaccinations for parvovirus and adenovirus. Optional jabs at this stage include coronavirus and Lyme disease. 12 weeks At 12 weeks old, puppies receive their distemper/parvo/parainfluenza boosters and are eligible to receive their first rabies shot as well. 15 to 16 weeks At 15 to 16 weeks of age, puppies are due for another round of boosters. If not administered by this time, rabies shots must be given to puppies by the age of 2.

Genetic Predispositions for French Bulldogs

Most pure dog breeds listed on the AKC, French Bulldogs included, are susceptible to specific health problems. One of the benefits of knowing the genetic makeup of your perfect puppy is that you can be prepared for some of these health concerns. As a new owner, take the time to talk to your dog's breeder and your chosen veterinarian to make an ongoing health plan for your French Bulldog. Back problems The most common condition for French Bulldogs is intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). This disease happens when the cushioning between a dog's vertebrae moves out of place or becomes damaged. The movement causes a lot of pain, which your doggy shows by its unwillingness to move around very much. The breed is also susceptible to spinal deformities, which are detectable during puppyhood with an x-ray. The worst cases of IVDD and spinal deformity can result in paralysis, particularly in the back legs. Affected puppies and dogs should be taken to the veterinarian for management and pain treatment. Mild cases of IVDD can be treated with rest, but the best thing to do is prevent overworking your French Bulldog's spine in the first place. These are little, stocky dogs, and they benefit from ramps and little staircases around the house. A staircase up to the bed, for example, means your French Bulldog pup doesn't stress its back and joints learning to repeatedly jump up for a cuddle. That kind of repetitive action only exacerbates existing conditions and wears down a dog's healthy tissues faster.

French Bulldog in the arms of his owner.
French Bulldog in the arms of his owner.

Breathing problems French Bulldogs are one of the major sufferers of brachycephalic syndrome, which affects dogs with a short nose. This is a physical problem that occurs because dogs with short noses have the same amount of internal tissue as dogs with longer snouts, but it's cramped into a small area. The soft palette is too long for the mouth, and it hangs down into these dogs' airways. In addition, some French Bulldogs have tracheas that are undersize and hard to breathe through in the best of conditions. Watch your French Bulldog puppy for signs of breathing problems, such as coughing, loud breathing, fainting, and bluish gums. Severe cases of brachycephalic syndrome are corrected with surgery.

Choosing a French Bulldog Puppy

Given the common health challenges faced by Frenchies, it is important to select an reputable breeder who has excellent health and safety practices. As you conduct your due diligence for the right breeder or breeding program, look for a breeder who has been vetted by a screening program (such as ours at Mawoo Pets), or a club such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Given the small size of French Bulldogs and the difficulties that breeding moms can face in labor, good breeders should practice limited breeding, conduct frequent health testing (including genetic testing) of breeding parents, and have recent vet records to show. Puppies for sale from trusted French Bulldog breeders are more likely to grow into healthy dogs that follow the breed standard.

You can find your next doggy family member with our Puppy Breed Quiz. Just answer a few simple, quick questions, and Mawoo will match you up with the best dog breeds for your personality and lifestyle. If you're sure you want to buy a French Bulldog, that's great news! You can browse our French Bulldog puppies for sale listed across the United States and Canada by trusted French Bulldog breeders. You can also browse available Frenchie puppies in specific locations such as Texas, Connecticut,or Virginia. Mawoo has done the hard work for you when it comes to picking the best French Bulldog breeders,so you'll never have to worry about accidentally working with an unethical or poorly managed dog breeding facility. When you buy a puppy with us, all you have to do is choose your favourite dog and we'll do the rest. From communicating with the breeder about your needs, negotiating pet ownership contracts on your behalf, and arranging travel for your new puppy, we handle everything.

French Bulldog in the arms of his owner.

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