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Havapoo dog
Havapoo dog

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Havapoo breed information

The Havapoo, also known as the Poovanese, is a cross between the Havanese and the Poodle. In height, this mixed breed ranges from 8 to 12 inches, and it weighs between 12 and 20 pounds. Small, easily trained and low-maintenance, Havapoo dogs are gentle with small children and very willing to please the whole family. Characterized by a long, curly coat and dark button eyes, Havapoos are hypoallergenic thanks to their Poodle genes and require minimal grooming.

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Breed fast facts

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6 - 14 lbs

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Life span

12 to 15 years

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Overview of the Havapoo

The Havapoo is a hybrid dog that results from a mixture of the Havanese and Poodle breeds. This mixed breed is characteristically recognized by its small round head is also called Havadoodle, Havandoodle, or Poovanese.

Havapoos tend to be developed from the mix of miniature or toy Poodles with the Havanese. While Poodles originate in Germany or France, the Havanese is a descendent of the Bichon family that originates from Tenerife dogs brought to in Cuba in the 1500s.

Size and Color of Havapoo Puppies

As a mixed breed, Havapoo puppies can vary significantly in size and color, even amongst puppies of the same litter. This is the case with many mixed breeds, especially in the first generation of breeding. A given puppy can inherit more traits from any one parent, introducing variability in the size and colors of puppies.

Havapoos tend to stand 8-15 inches tall with an average weight of 10-25lb. If a toy Poodle and a smaller Havanese dog are bred, then the puppy can weigh on the lower end of that spectrum, near 10lb.

Havapoos can come in a variety of colors and patterns. This is due to 16 recognized colors of the Havanese breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and 11 recognized colors of the Poodle breed. That said, the most common Havapoo colors include chocolate, cream, white, grey, black, and apricot. Puppies can come in solid colors, bi-color, tri-color, tuxedo, or spotted patterns.

The happiest black and white Havapoo puppy smiling at the camera.
The cutest chocolate Havapoo puppy walking through a field of flowers.

What is the Temperament of the Havapoo?

The Havapoo is a good-natured and loving dog that makes a great family companion. These dogs are playful, loving, and sociable, taking after the cuddly personality of the Havanese. They enjoy human companionship, whether alongside family members or strangers, and also enjoy spending time with children.

Havapoos are a low-barking breed, making them a good fit for families where this is a concern. Low barking levels can be important for families living in apartments or small living spaces with neighbors nearby. As with other dogs, this breed can bark if feeling anxious, startled, hungry, or otherwise alerted.

Is a Havapoo A Good Family Pet?

Havapoos are outstanding family pets, given their good-natured personality and their aptitude to socialize and spend time with people.

Don't be fooled with this breed's small size! Havapoos are packed with energy and boast big personalities. This breed makes an outstanding companion for families looking for a small breed dog who likes to join them on family activities, such as sports, a run outdoors, or time spent in nature.

The Havapoo descends from two hypoallergenic breeds, and so its hypoallergenic coat is an ideal fit for allergy-conscious families. The coat of a Havapoo can be more flat like its Havanese parent's or more curly if taking after its Poodle parent. Nevertheless, both coat types are low shedding in Havapoos, making them more manageable for family members with asthma and allergies.

These small dogs are very intelligent, and can be easily trained and socialized. As your puppy arrives home, we recommend getting the right potty training and behavioral training in place to set up your pup for success. Early socialization is fundamental to building constructive behaviors, and positive reinforcement is key for maintain these behaviors over time.

How Much Does a Havapoo Cost?

The price of a Havapoo puppy can vary significantly depending on the experience and location of the breeder. On Mawoo Pets, Havapoo puppies for sale are typically posted for $1,000 - $3,000.

Specific color and pattern variations can be more expensive (e.g., tri-colors), and the price of puppies can also vary depending on the available demand at that time of the year.

How are Havapoos and Cavapoos Different?

The Havapoo and Cavapoo are similar breeds in size, stature, and temperament. That said, there are some minor differences that differentiate the two breeds.

Havapoos tend to be slightly smaller in size, given that the Havanese is a smaller dog on average than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The other physical difference is that Havapoos tend to have more hair-like, soft coats whereas Cavapoos can have thicker and/or wavier coats. Also, Havapoos tend to be more energetic than Cavapoos, inheriting this from their high-energy Havanese parent!

White long-haired Havapoo dog taking a stroll through the forest.
Cuddliest Havapoo puppy getting all the belly rubs.

What Are Common Health Issues for Havapoos?

Havapoos are prone to health issues common in Havanese and Poodle breeds. These include patella luxation (a common condition in small breeds), dental disease, deafness, hypothyroidism, Addison’s Disease (common in Poodles), cushing's disease, and cataracts.

Havapoos can live 12-15 years. As with any breed, healthy food, exercise, and regular veterinary checkups can help your pup live a longer, healthier and happier life.

How Do I Find a Reputable Havapoo Breeder?

There are many reputable Havapoo breeders across the United States and Canada. When searching for an ethical breeder, it is important that you collect the right information to assess the breeder's practices. Backyard breeders and puppy mills can mask their practices using false information and deceptive tactics.

A reputable breeder of this hybrid dog breed should be able to present information that substantiate the Havanese and Poodle heritage of your pup. This can be in the form of pedigree, registrations, or genetic testing. Ethical breeders can have waiting lists that will require you to submit a deposit and wait six or more months before your puppy is born. Finding Havapoo puppies from the right breeder is a time-consuming process that requires significant time and research.

At Mawoo Pets, we have done this research for you, making it easy to find puppies of varying breeds across 1,000+ breeders in the United States and Canada. Our network of breeders have been vetted for health, safety, and socialization standards, giving you comfort and secrutiy before purchasing a new puppy.

Once you have found the right Havapoo puppy, our team can coordinate for the travel of your adorable Havapoo home. This includes ground or air travel, to your door or nearby airport. You can search for Havapoo Puppies for Sale across every state and province, for instance Havapoos for sale in Kansas, Texas, or Indiana.

Happy Havapoo puppy skipping through a park.

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