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Maltese dog
Maltese dog

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Maltese breed information

This easy-going, sweet dog is quite the breed! It is not only adorable and affectionate, but also fearless, often standing up to things much bigger than itself. These dogs are also very lively and love to learn new tricks. They thrive in all settings, whether alongside owners living by themselves, or in large, boisterous families. This cute puppy will grow to be 6 to 9 lbs and lives to around 12 to 15 years.

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6 - 7 lbs

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Toy or Teacup

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Life span

12 to 15 years

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What Is the History of the Maltese?

The Maltese is a small, white breed of dog that originated in the Central Mediterranean area. While the exact country of origin is unknown, many believe that this breed originated in Sicily, Italy, or the island of Malta, where it gets its name from. This breed was popular amongst ancient Romans and Greeks and is often depicted in literature and art of the time as a companion dog. The breed was prized by aristocrats and noblemen, and was often gifted to royalty given its delicate appearance.

The Maltese was later further developed in Italy and England, and it was one of the first dogs to be recognized by kennel clubs in the United Kingdom in the 19th century. The breed is believed to have originated from a Spitz-type dog that was crossed with other small Breeds including the Poodle and Bichon Frise. Today, the Maltese is known for its long, silky coat and playful personality, and is often used as a companion dog by families.

Are Maltese Good Family Pets?

Yes, the Maltese is a joyful dog breed that is a great family pet. This breed is affectionate with children and other pets, making it a good fit for families with kids or other animals (such as cats or birds). The intelligence of the Maltese makes this breed very trainable; this means that your Maltese pup can be taught through early socialization and training to be well-behaved with family and strangers. Despite its long, silky coat, the Maltese is in fact a low shedding breed. This makes it an appropriate companion for families with allergic members. According to the American Kennel Club, the Maltese weighs less than 7 pounds,making it also a perfect lap companion and a fit for families living in small spaces such as apartments.

Are Maltese Dogs Hypoallergenic?

The Maltese has a silky, fine coat that sheds very little. As such, Maltese dogs are less likely to release dander into the air and to trigger allergic reactions for those with dander sensitivity. This makes this breed a good fit for allergic or asthmatic individuals. However, keep in mind that no dog is completely hypoallergenic, and so even low-shedding breeds like Maltese can cause allergies in some individuals.

How Much Do Maltese Puppies Cost?

Maltese dogs are not known to be excessive barkers. This breed is generally gentle, docile, and well-behaved. However, as with any dog, a barking disposition can develop if the dog is not well-socialized or trained. Additionally, your Maltese pup may be triggered by stressors to bark, such as strangers at your door. This barking is to bring your attention to a danger. Maltese dogs can develop a barking habit if not properly socialized or if left alone for extended periods of time. To prevent such behavior, it’s important to socialize your Maltese from a young age and to provide mental and physical stimulation from a young age to keep your Maltese dog healthy and happy.

Where Can I Adopt a Maltese Dog?

There are both national and local organizations dedicated to rescuing Maltese dogs. These organizations are often your best source for adopting a Maltese puppy. One example of a national organization is theAmerican Maltese Association Rescue (AMAR). Reputable organizations such as AMAR conduct diligent vetting to ensure that their Maltese dogs go to caring homes, and also cover veterinary expenses before putting a Maltese for adoption. You can also consider local organizations such asMaltese Rescue California and the Metropolitan Maltese Rescue (focused on the New York City area). Once you find a Humane Society or rescue organization, it’s important to research their experience, practices, and adoption process, to make sure that you are adopting from the right organization and bringing home the right Maltese dog for your home.

How Do I Find a Reputable Maltese Breeder?

Finding a reputable Maltese breeder is one of the most important steps in bringing home a Maltese puppy. We recommend starting by asking friends, family members, and veterinarians for trusted Maltese breeder referrals. You can also search national breeder organizations such as the American Maltese Association for recommended Maltese breeders in your state. At Mawoo Pets, we have vetted 1,000+ breeders to hand-select caring, responsible breeders who raise healthy, happy puppies. Our team can help you in finding the right Maltese puppy or breeder near you, or nationwide.

Once you find the right breeder, the next step is to ask them about their breeding practices, including health checks, genetic testing, and socialization practices. Caring breeders are happy to answer your questions and provide detailed responses. Ideally, you should visit the breeder’s facility to see the breeding space, parents, and puppies in person before deciding. Once you have found the right puppy match from a Maltese breeder, you can arrange for pickup or travel of your puppy to your home through a certified travel provider. Our team at Mawoo Pets can help arrange this for you through our network of travel providers.

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