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Toy Poodle vs. Maltipoo: Which Breed Is Right for You?

By mawoo · 18 Apr · 5-10mins read
Toy Poodle vs. Maltipoo: Which Breed Is Right for You?

If you're choosing between a Toy Poodle and a Maltipoo, this article is your go-to guide to get a comprehensive view of these two famous breeds and see which is right for your family. 

Understanding the Breeds 

Quick overview of Toy Poodle 

The Toy Poodle is a compact and lively companion, admired for its intellectual capabilities and warm nature. This breed, boasting a hypoallergenic and curly coat, comes in different colored coats and needs systematic grooming. When it comes to training, Toy Poodles are ace learners and exceed at obedience, agility, and tricks. However, separation anxiety might be an issue due to their high-energy demeanour, and therefore they flourish when provided with the right amount of care and interaction. Originating from the bigger Standard Poodle, the Toy Poodles were bred to enjoy the indoors and conform well to apartment living. Given that they barely shed and have a longevity of 14-17 years, they might be the perfect choice for dynamic individuals and families, even those with mild allergies to dogs. 

Quick overview of Maltipoo 

The Maltipoo, available in various sizes and with diverse types and shades of fur, is characterized by its gentle, playful temper and shiny, low-shedding coat. They are an appreciated addition to many households, particularly for the elderly or those with gentle kids. Even though Maltipoos are not entirely hypoallergenic, they shed minimally and demand regular care and moderate physical activities daily. As a designer breed, their adaptability and charming features have recently skyrocketed their popularity.


Considering Size and Appearance: 

One of the first things you'll note is their perfect petite size that makes them fit for most living spaces. Their height hovers between 8 to 14 inches and they sport curly hypoallergenic coats with color options from black to cream, silver, red, and white. Their twinkling eyes, brown or blue, reveal an animal full of intelligence and thirst for adventure. It's safe to say they certainly have the 'pawsome' factor! 

Weighing Temperament and Personality: 

Looks aside, Maltipoos and Toy Poodles are breeds brimming with love and possessing a playful personality that keeps their human companions entertained. Highly social beings, they flourish in a family setting, so ensure your home environment is pet-friendly and positively interactive. They are not only lovable home dogs but also fun companions for outdoor activities. 

Appreciating Intelligence and Trainability: 

Maltipoos and Toy Poodles take top honors in intelligence, which translates to them being quick learners and receptive to commands. Their trainability coupled with their eagerness to please their owners makes the training task less daunting. With a positive and consistent training approach, you are guaranteed to enjoy a rewarding learning process with your furry friend. 

Assessing Exercise Needs: 

Though small in size, Maltipoos and Toy Poodles are bundles of energy requiring adequate daily exercise. Whether it is walks or play sessions, physical activity is essential for their overall well-being. For potential owners, they’re easier to manage as their exercise needs are moderate; thus, a manageable commitment. 

Evaluating Potential Health Issues: 

Prior knowledge of potential health issues these breeds could face is key before making a decision. Some known common health issues include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and skin conditions brought about by allergies. Regular health check-ups are advisable for early detection and effective management of such concerns. 

Gauging Grooming Requirements: 

Both the Maltipoo and the Toy Poodle demand regular grooming due to their hypoallergenic coats. Routine grooming necessities include ear-cleaning, regular haircuts, and everyday brushing to prevent matting. If you’re ready to embrace these grooming tasks, you're not just keeping your dog in top-notch condition but also strengthening the bond you share.

Toy Poodle and Maltipoo Differences

In deciding between a Toy Poodle and a Maltipoo, prospective owners must evaluate several pivotal factors that come into play. 

Examining the Breed Legacy 

The storied heritage of Toy Poodles as compared to the recently curated genetics of Maltipoos can play a role in your decision. Are you more drawn to venerable lineage or intrigued by the calculated design of a newer breed? 

Contemplating Size and Weight Preferences 

Evaluate your living situation and personal preference. Would the slight calmness of a Maltipoo or the lively spirit of a Toy Poodle be a better fit? Both breeds would adapt to most living situations, even apartments, with ease. 

Assessing Energy Compatibility 

How  your new pet fit into your daily routine -- Toy Poodles adapt to their owners' activity levels while Maltipoos, though playful, are relatively more relaxed. Understanding these tendencies can ensure a harmonious energy balance in your household. 

Comparing Grooming Needs 

Grooming is a practical consideration when purchasing a pet. Toy Poodles require more intense grooming compared to Maltipoos. Can you dedicate the time, or afford professional grooming services, to maintain the Poodle's lush coat? 

Reflecting on Trainability Expectations 

Would the Maltipoos' knack for turning training into an engaging, attention-fueled activity appeal to you, or do you prefer the Toy Poodles' efficiency at picking up new commands? Either way, positive reinforcement is key. 

Tackling Separation Anxiety 

Before adopting a dog, consider your work schedule and time you have to spend with your new companion at home. While Toy Poodles manage solitude better than their Maltipoo counterparts, both breeds appreciate having their owners around. 

Taking Health Concerns Into Account 

At last, scrutinize potential breed-related health issues. Meticulous care, periodical vet check-ups, and promoting a healthy lifestyle can mitigate these risks. The adage stands true - prevention is definitely better than cure.


Toy Poodles and Maltipoos, while similar, have considerable differences in their breed origins, grooming needs, and trainability that potential owners should evaluate. Meticulous grooming is required for the intelligent Toy Poodle, while the affable Maltipoo requires less care and might be slightly harder to train. Separate helth issues prevail in the two breeds that necessitate health testing, especially for Toy Poodles. Selecting the ideal toys and food can also influence their well-being. 

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