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Benefits of Raising Kids with Pets: Learning and Compassion

By Mawoo Pets · 23 Jun · 12 minutes read
Benefits of Raising Kids with Pets: Learning and Compassion

Raising kids comes with numerous responsibilities, ranging from keeping them safe to maintaining their physical and mental health.

Pets can be a big help with this process. Not only do pets provide companionship, but they also allow your children to adopt certain skills they otherwise may not. So, how does raising your kids with pets benefit them?

This article will explain all the ways your kids can benefit from having pets in your home.

a boy walking a dog

Photo by Terricks Noah from Unsplash

Pets and Life Skills


Having pets can teach children many important life skills they can implement as they get older. Firstly, owning a pet teaches responsibility.

For example, learning how to care for Congo Tetras and other animals demands special attention and dedication.

As a pet owner, your kids will have to feed, groom, and clean up after their companion. These obligations help your child develop a sense of responsibility and duty they can use in the future. Furthermore, it teaches them to build a strong work ethic and learn the value of commitment.


Another benefit of raising your kids with pets is that it teaches them patience. Animals, like humans, enjoy doing things on their own schedule and at their own pace.

While this can be frustrating for some, it also teach your kids to be more patient and understanding toward the needs of others.


Owning a pet is a fantastic way to teach your kids to show care and compassion for other living beings.

Regardless of the animal you own, they will need comforting and support at some point. Showing care in this way enlightens your children on the importance of compassion and teaches them how to be empathic toward others.

This is a vital skill for them to have as children and enables them to grow up to be loving adults.

boys sitting in front of a dog

Photo by Sabina Fratila from Unsplash

Fostering Compassion

Pets allow your kids to develop a deeper understanding of those around them. These furry or scaly companions give your children the opportunity to be selfless, practicing thinking about others and not just themselves.

By letting your kids observe their pets regularly, you give them the chance to discover the vulnerability and care needs of their pets. This allows your children to learn empathy towards animals and humans.

Pets also teach your kids to be more observant and conscious of the emotions of others. After caring for their pets for some time, your children will learn to notice changes in countenance and emotions, and to respond accordingly.

This response to a change in emotions helps develop emotional intelligence and enlightens your kids on how to look at things from the perspective of others. In addition, this empathy is likely to show in your kids' interaction with others as well, from family to strangers.

Pets and Emotional Growth

As many have experienced, the bond between a child and their pet is unbreakable. This bond can help to advance emotional growth.

Pets such as dogs and cats provide compassion, love, and vulnerability. These attributes help to create a sense of love and security, thereby boosting your children’s self-esteem, which will reflect in their daily lives as they tackle challenges.

In addition, pets can act as non-judgmental emotional support. This allows your children to express themselves to them without fear of judgment.

For many kids, simply expressing thoughts or feelings can be enough to brighten their mood. So, giving your children the opportunity to experience this can help them process their emotions better and provide a healthy coping mechanism.

That said, before bringing home a new pet, you should discuss with a vet to determine if getting a pet would be beneficial to your kids and if they are ready to get one.

Cognitive Development

Parents invest in a variety of resources for their kids’ cognitive development, ranging from summer camps to tutoring programs. Tutoring programs like Prepsmart Tutoring, an esteemed Canadian tutoring service offering in-home and online K-12 tutoring services, can be particularly helpful in your child’s cognitive growth.

While such programs are quite helpful, a pet can also significantly help enhance your children's cognitive development. This is because pets can mentally stimulate your child in various ways.

Observing and interacting with a pet can boost your children's problem-solving skills, promote their curiosity, and enhance their knowledge. For example, if you ask your kids to care for a fish, they will have to learn about the importance of water quality, nutrition, and other information related to caring for the fish.

Additionally, caring for a pet is a practical way to feed children’s intellectual curiosity. It allows them to analyze their pet’s behavior and understand how they may behave in different settings, including nature.

It also allows them to take decisions to ensure their pet is properly taken care of. All these activities improve their decision-making and critical thinking skills, which can translate to better academic performance.

Pets and Social Development

French Bulldog puppy and girl sleeping in the couch

Photo by Leo Rivas from Unsplash

Having pets at home can help develop your kids emotionally and socially. For instance, owning a pet can help introverted or shy kids become more open.

Shy children have a hard time expressing themselves and can get anxious when having to deal with unfamiliar territories, situations, or people.

Unfortunately, this shyness may stop your child from developing social skills, finding more friends, or getting involved in social events and activities. Also, shyness may increase your child’s anxiety levels or feelings of loneliness, which can negatively affect their self-esteem and growth.

However, raising a pet gives your child a safe space to hone their social skills and become more confident. For instance, training and playing with a puppy can allow your child to become more outgoing and assertive.

Aside from direct interactions with the pet, pet ownership gives your kids the opportunity to meet other pet owners, converse, and create new connections.

For example, if your family owns a dog, your children may take the dog for a walk in a park and meet other kids with dogs. This mutual interest could spark a conversation and lead to a new friendship.

How to Choose the Right Pet

Choosing the right pet for your home is essential because selecting the wrong one may lead to disengagement or neglect. This is usually because the family expects certain characteristics from their pets, but their expectations are not met.

As such, it’s important to learn what your family requires and find a pet that meets those requirements.

Firstly, it is important to note that all pets are time-consuming. However, some require more time than others, so you need to consider how much time your family members have to look after your pet.

Dogs are a great option because they usually love to cuddle and show unconditional love. That said, they require a lot of work, from taking walks to playing with them (as well as picking up after them).

On the other hand, cats are more self-sufficient and low maintenance, so you do not need to invest as much time taking care of them. That said, cats do not like to be cuddled as much as dogs do.

These are just two examples of pets you can get for your kids. There are several other options you can look into, from birds, to fish, to small mammals (e.g. rabbits or hamsters).

When deciding on the right pet, make sure to think about your budget and what benefits you want your children to gain. Also, make sure to include your kids in all the major steps, so that they are involved as much as possible and develop a sense of ownership.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to research online or reach out to a vet nearby to help you make an informed decision.


Raising kids is an exciting and memorable journey, but adding a pet into the mix makes it all the more enjoyable. Allowing your kids to grow up with a pet teaches them to be compassionate, empathic, and assertive, amongst other things.

Therefore, taking this step is an important decision that may have a lifelong positive impact on your family and your kids.


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