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Chihuahua Fun Facts

By mawoo · 18 Apr · 5 mins read
Chihuahua Fun Facts

Chihuahua Fun Facts

Chihuahuas are captivating canines, thanks to their vibrant character, exciting origin, and impressive lifespan. Being the smallest dog breed globally, their lively personality, Mexican roots, and long lifespan -- often reaching 15 years or more -- are reason enough to capture the hearts of many! This feisty little dog stands out for being a dynamic, lovable addition to any family, offering companionship and protection. Remember, when you get a Chihuahua, it's not just a pet; it's a life-long friend. 

Fascinating Disqualifications for Chihuahuas 

Have you ever thought about what makes a Chihuahua no longer a Chihuahua, in terms of breed standards? For instance, unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism, deafness, aggression or extreme shyness, and albinism can be grounds for disqualification in this breed. Even interesting traits like merle-colored fur, blue eyes, bat ears, and dwarfism are disqualifications.

A Not-so-aggressive Guard Dog 

Though Chihuahuas are generally friendly and affectionate, they may not ideally suit the role of an aggressive protector. Friendly and affectionate, they definitely are, but guard dogs? Perhaps not so much. 

Chihuahuas: The Heart of Family and Friends 

Chihuahuas are known for their affectionate behavior, their love for children, and their playful nature. Just imagine the overload of cuteness and warmth.

Owning a Chihuahua: A Cost Evaluation 

The expenditure comprises not only the initial costs like the purchasing price, essential items, and initial veterinary care, but also ongoing expenses. These can include food and treats, routine veterinary visits, and grooming sessions. But the faithful companionship of these tiny creatures is well worth it.

History of the Breed: Chihuahuas through the Ages 

Chihuahuas have maintained their appearance and temperament for over a century. Despite this, different strains within the breed have emerged. That's something to ponder over as you consider making one part of your family. 


Chihuahuas, a breed of small dogs native to the United States, are beloved for their sweet, loving nature. Known for being affectionate and playful, they are especially gentle with children, making them ideal family pets. As members of the Companion Dog Group, their main role is to provide companionship and warmth to their owners. Their physical traits include a wide, strong back, a well-filled in and deep rump, and feet that face straight forward. The breed's croup, or the area around their hips, slopes slightly downward. Notable is the breed's acceptance by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 2013, a testament to its popularity and recognition. Despite their size, these tiny creatures are much more than just lap dogs; they are integral parts of families, providing emotional support and joy with their endearing personalities.

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