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Considering If Cavapoo Is Right For You

By mawoo · 12 Apr · 5 mins read
Considering If Cavapoo Is Right For You

Considering a Cavapoo

Cavapoos are making a place for themselves in numerous households. But remember, owning a Cavapoo extends beyond being dazzled by their endearing appearance and sprightly personality. Similar to any other breed, if you're thinking about welcoming a Cavapoo into your life, it's crucial to grasp their distinct features, behavioral habits, and care necessities. By shedding light on these aspects, you're ensuring a well-informed decision.

Why a Cavapoo:

1. Sociable and Loving Behavior 

Known for their sociable and affectionate traits, Cavapoos yearn for human companionship and interaction. Their amiable behavior makes them an excellent choice for families, particularly because they relate exceptionally well with children and other pets. If you dream of your kids being raised with a loving and respectful furry companion, a Cavapoo is likely the ideal choice for your household. 

2. Low-Allergen Coat  

Often classified as hypoallergenic, Cavapoos have minimal shedding, thus reducing the spread of allergenic dander. This means you can spend quality, uninterrupted time with your best furry friend without having to worry about irritating allergies. 

3. Nimble-minded and Quick to Train  

Being both highly intelligent and entreat to please, Cavapoos are easy to train, making them an ideal choice for rookie dog owners. Their ability to grasp new commands and tricks makes the training process straightforward and satisfying. 

4. Uncomplicated Grooming Routine  

Cavapoos come with a surprising bonus for those concerned with time-consuming grooming requirements. Their relatively low-maintenance fur demands nothing more than a good brush a couple of times each week, leaving you more time to enjoy your pet's companionship rather than fulfilling grooming duties. 

5. Extended Lifespan  

Outliving many other small to medium dog breeds with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, Cavapoos provide their owners with the opportunity to form deep, lasting bonds and a wealth of shared experiences. 

6. Flexible Size  

Regardless of your lifestyle or housing circumstances, Cavapoos are extremely adaptable. This breed comes in a variety of sizes - petite to small, making them both a perfect fit for space-strapped apartments, or sprawling homes with extensive backyards.  

7. Spirited and Energetic 

If you crave an energetic companion, you'll be glad to discover the active nature of the Cavapoos. Always ready for a game of fetch or a family walk in the park, these dogs are ideal for households that value outdoor activities that promote bonding and physical fitness. 

8. Dynamic and Adaptable  

Cavoapos are incredibly versatile, adapting easily to an array of living conditions. Their size and moderate activity needs make them a top choice for apartment dwellers, homeowners with yards, and even unconventional living spaces like RVs or boats. 

9. Not Known for Excessive Barking  

Not particularly known to be frequent barkers, Cavapoos tend to be quieter than most breeds. This trait makes them a favored option for homes that appreciate a peaceful atmosphere, such as that of an apartment setting.  

10. Designed for Companionship  

Primarily bred as companion dogs, Cavapoos are social butterflies that form tight bonds with their owners. Their cuddly and affectionate nature shines brightest during human interactions. Such characteristics make them an excellent choice for emotional support or therapy dogs.  

11. A Great Choice for Seniors  

Given their patient demeanour, moderate need for physical activity, and simple grooming needs, Cavapoos can be just the right match for older people. They cater perfectly to individuals with restricted mobility or elders who are simply looking for a quiet, agreeable furry friend.

Other Considerations

Before welcoming a Cavapoo into your home, it's important to acquaint yourself with the potential challenges related to this breed. While these points may not necessarily dissuade you, they're essential considerations for making an informed choice: 

1. Prone to Separation Anxiety 

Given their highly affectionate nature, Cavapoos often form deep emotional connections with their owners, which may morph into separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods. This breed might not be the best choice if your lifestyle involves long hours away from home. 

2. Demanding Grooming Routine 

Despite their beautiful curly or wavy fur, maintaining it can be a challenge. Frequent brushing and grooming are necessary to prevent matting or tangling, which could lead to an increase in your grooming expenses and require a substantial portion of your time. 

3. Possible Health Concerns 

Just like other breed mixes, Cavapoos have the potential to inherit health conditions from their parent breeds. This comprises conditions such as hip dysplasia or mitral valve disease, which can be traced back to their Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lineage. It's therefore crucial to choose a breeder who carries out comprehensive health checks. 

4. Propensity for Ear Infections 

Their charming, floppy ears, unfortunately, provide a conducive environment for ear infections. Regular cleaning and checks are fundamental for maintaining their ear health. 

5. Hurdles in Potty Training 

Despite their smart disposition, Cavapoos sometimes struggle with potty training due to their somewhat short attention span. As a future Cavapoo owner, be prepared for a task that demands patience and steadiness. 

6. Financial Commitments 

Obtaining a Cavapoo puppy from a reputable breeder can be significantly expensive. One must also bear in mind the additional costs related to food, veterinary services, and grooming care. 

7. Potential for Excessive Barking 

If your tolerance for noise is low, bear in mind that this breed may bark more than what could be comfortable for you. 

8. Not Ideal Watchdogs 

While their friendly and non-aggression nature is endearing, these traits make Cavapoos less adept as watchdogs. If you're after a protective pet, this breed might fall a little short of your expectations.


The Cavapoo, adored for its friendly temperament and adaptability to various environments, has continued to rise in popularity. However, potential owners should be aware of challenges including potential health issues, a tendency towards separation anxiety, and the expense associated with keeping this breed. Some may even require extra attention in training and grooming. Still, the intelligible and joyful nature of a Cavapoo may indeed be a wonderful addition to your home. It's crucial to weigh the pros and cons, ensuring the best decision is made for both potential owner and companion.


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